Logicités works either in French or English with a wide range of services concerning logistics and transport.

Logicités supports these projects alone or in partnership with several consultancy firms.

Logicités’s clients are e-merchants, transport and logistics services suppliers, real estate groups, industrial equipment firms and public authorities.

Urban freight

Study and implementation of urban freight solutions : analysis of specific local problematics, audit of delivery area, meetings with economic actors, consultation process,  market survey,  benchmark of innovative solutions, support of operational implementation, study of micro hub implementation.

Last-mile e-commerce solutions

Study and implementation of last-mile delivery solutions. Complete overview of delivery solutions (direct delivery and drop-off solutions), writing of the specifications, extensive management of RFI/RFQ and choice recommandations of suppliers.

of innovative projects

Support of projects linked to urban mobility, B to C delivery and crowdsourced delivery : market survey, marketing strategy, offer positioning, benchmark, support of operational implementation.

Market survey
of logistic platforms

Market survey and real estate program for urban and outer-urban logistic platforms and parks.

Strategic consultancy
to General Management

Organisation of strategic work and thinking linked with the problematics of the city, logistics and consumption. Keynote speaker and conference moderation on subjects concerning last-mile delivery and urban freight.

Logistics audit assigment

Logistics audit and recommandations for small and medium size companies, e-merchants as well as logistic services suppliers.