Probably for the first time in France, parcels have voted…

Left wing or right wing ? The question is not exactly the good one.urne In fact, we probably noticed for the first time that the election platforms, from both major parties, included some aspects of the goods mobility. Of course, most of the platforms were speaking of passenger urban transport, security, bicycle, accomodation and other major local aspects of the cities.

But the organization of a city is not possible if the goods mobility is not taken into account as well.

Our politicians now undestand perfectly the stake of the goods distribution. It is located at a major crossroads between environmental issues, commercial aspects of the city centre, attractivity of the town itself and service to the economic activities, particularly e-commerce.

We all undestand that the efforts made to reduce the negative externalities of the cars in the cities, which are important since 10 or 15 yers, may be jeopardized by the growth of pollution due to freight transport.

So for the first time, during this campaign, we heard of Low emission zones, consolidation centres, inbound intermodal opportunities, delivery regulation, electric vehicles or cargobikes.

No doubt this is a major evolution in France. For years, we heard that people vote but not the parcels. From today on, something has changed. Parcels’ problematics in the cities somehow existed in most local programs.

This is a success for urban freight and, if these promises are achieved, we will see in the next years, in major French cities,  new experiments of urban freight operations helping our cities to be cleaner and more attractive.

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